Ledoh's choreography celebrates a raw movement vocabulary that touches into ancestral vibrations of life and land.  Ledoh shares his approach to cultivating awareness through movement and to nurturing greater focus in performance and everyday life through public workshops and school programs. Movers of all levels are invited to participate.  Workshops start with a gentle warm-up. Ledoh then guides participants through exercises to first simply register the body's conditioned responses to mind, and then to explore freeing the body from this conditioning. We will invite the mind to simply participate in being with movement and sound to taste our own timeless nature.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop with Ledoh, please proceed to the contact page.
past workshops
    Bangkok Butoh Festival, Bangkok, Thailand, Sponsored by Mid Atlantic Foundation, Colormeamerica  
    ARTISTERIUM, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, "Predatory Lending, Interest Free Love", sponsored by CEC ARTLINK  
    ButohSF Festival  
    San Francisco’s Summerfest sponsored by Dancer’s Group  
    Boston Conservatory of Dance  
    Naropa University  
    Massachusetts College of Art  
    Museum Educational Outreach Programs  
    San Francisco’s International Butoh Festival